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DMV Change of Address

Your Guide to Reporting a DMV Change of Address

Reporting a DMV change of address is one of the tasks you must complete when you move. When you are relocating from one home to another, you may become overwhelmed with all the tasks you need to complete. However, submitting a change of address form at your nearest Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is one of the easier aspects of the moving process. Whether you need to file a change of address on a drivers license or other credential, you can do this at your local DMV office.

You may be wondering if you can file a change of address online. Keep in mind that there are various ways you can notify your local DMV of your new residency. In order to obtain a DMV change of address new card, though, you need to provide proof that you now live in a new location. If you have never updated your address before, this process may seem complex. However, you can easily complete this task if you take some time and prepare before you go to the DMV.

Do I need to request a DMV change of address?

If you move, you are obligated to enter your new information into the DMV change of address system. This is true whether you move from one state to another or within cities or towns. Keep in mind, the DMV needs to be able to contact you, should it need to send you any notices. You may already be aware that there are DMV change of address requirements relating to your driver’s license. However, you need to remember that you are also required to update your address if you have:

  • An ID card issued by the DMV.
  • A registered water vessel.
  • A registered automobile or motorcycle.

When to Report a Change of Address to the DMV

Depending on where you live, there may be different limits regarding when you need to update your DMV change of address status. Therefore, if you are wondering, “When you move how long do you have to notify the DMV?” this answer changes. For example, California residents have 10 days to submit their notifications to their DMV.  However, other states, such as Florida, give new residents 30 days to update their addresses. Make sure you follow the guidelines set by your specific state.

Where to Report a Change of Address

You may be wondering where to submit your DMV change of address and renewal information. This varies, depending on the city or state you live in. In any case, you can always submit your change of address through your local department of motor vehicles. Depending on where you reside, you may also be able to go to your local AAA and complete this task. Certain facilities offer a AAA change of address DMV service. To make sure this option is available to you, contact your nearest AAA. You can also check online to see if you can file a DMV change of address at AAA facilities near you.

How to Report a DMV Change of Address

One of the most direct ways to file a DMV change of address is to do so at your nearest department of motor vehicles. Usually, you can go to these DMV offices without an appointment and submit your notification. You should also be able to obtain a paper change of address form, which you can then mail to the DMV. To get this document, you may be able to call your DMV and have one mailed to you. In some states, you may also be able to print a copy of this form from your department’s official website.

Can I submit my DMV change of address online?

You may be able to request a change of address free online at the DMV. This free change of address is simple and convenient to use. If this service is available to you, go to your DMV’s website and fill out the required information. However, keep in mind that when you use this online service, you need to request which documents you want updated. The system will not automatically update both of these documents. You need to choose if you want to obtain a change of address for your vehicle and your driver’s license.

Regardless, make sure you obtain a DMV change of address confirmation for each process you complete. Also, keep in mind that there may be certain circumstances that prohibit you from using this online service. For example, you may be unable to request a free change of address online if you:

  • Do not have a current license or ID from the state you want to update your address in.
  • Do not have a federal Social Security Number (SSN).
  • Have applied for a REAL ID but do not yet have upgraded credentials in your possession.

What do you need to change your address at the DMV?

You need to bring specific DMV change of address proof documents with you when you report your new residency. Generally, this means you need to provide proof that shows you now live at a new address. To satisfy this requirement, you can bring a copy of your new lease, mortgage statement or utility bill.

Failure to Notify DMV of Address Change

Instead of filing a DMV change of address, you may consider not informing the government about your new residency. However, this could have legal consequences. Depending on where you live, this could be classified as an infraction. Avoid difficulties in the future by registering your new address with the necessary official departments within your state’s time frame.